Rakunk:  This is a splice created in the lab of the compound where Jimmy grows up.  It is a cross between a skunk and a raccoon.  Scientists have taken out the skunk’s ability to spray, and what is left is an adorable pet.  Jimmy is given a rakunk which he names Killer.  He becomes very attached to her, but then his mother ends up taking Killer away when she leaves and releases her into the wild.  This doesn’t make sense to Jimmy because Killer wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild; she was created without defense mechanisms. 

Pigoon:  This splice is essentially a pig with human organs growing inside of it.  Jimmy describes them as being very large pigs.  They are created for human transplant.  The official name for the pigoon is sus multiorganifer. Pigoon organs could be customized; this was possible using cells from human donors.  This process was a lot cheaper for people than getting themselves cloned for spare parts.  (Atwood 22-23).