Character Castings

Jimmy: Cole Sprouse

For most of Oryx and Crake, “Snowman”,  or Jimmy as he was known when he was younger, is the protagonist of Oryx and Crake, although it is difficult to classify him as such. He has a tendency to treat women and people like objects, sometimes without regret or feeling. However, he is not Crake, who is impenetrable to emotional pain, and when he shows vulnerability his character is more sympathetic. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Jimmy’s character is that he is, at the end of the day, both human and flawed.

Snowman: Clive Owen

Snowman is the man into whom Jimmy appears to have transformed. He has been hardened by post-apocalyptic life to such an extent that death and loss have little effect on him. He is remarkably driven by the human instinct, to survive by whatever means necessary. Snowman is chosen by Crake as the last real human to survive his apocalypse because he is just that: he is completely human, with all of the vices, such as alcohol and women, and virtues, such as patience and adaptability, that allow him to survive and his transformation from the often naïve Jimmy to Snowman, made from ice, is impressive to watch.

Crake: Logan Lerman

The primary antagonist and foil to Jimmy is Crake, whose lack of emotions or real depth of feeling creates a robotic-like mask. He frequently exhibits characteristics associated with sociopathy, where he simply cannot feel emotions and often exhibits a blatant disrespect for others. However, it is worth noting that Crake is not entirely sociopathic in the full sense of the term. He exhibits flashes of brilliance, yet he frequently warps his own idea. Also, he does, in his own way, care for Jimmy and Oryx, though to what extent is difficult to interpret.

Oryx: Courtney Eaton

The illusive object of the affections of both Jimmy and Crake, it is nearly impossible to determine where Oryx’s true feelings lie. She seems to receive different things from her relationships with each of the characters, but again she does not specify what these things are. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that her feelings for Jimmy revolve around her emotions, while her feelings for Crake stimulate her intellect.

Craker “Leaders”: Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Pine

The mysterious creations of Crake, known for their naivety, innocence, and piercing green eyes, as well as their unusual lifestyles.

Jimmy’s Mom, Sharon: Naomi Watts

Jimmy’s mom Sharon leaves her husband and young son to participate in rebellions against the big corporations that run this post apocalyptic world. The loss of his mother deeply affects Jimmy.