Jimmy/the Snowman:  First introduced as the Snowman in the post-apocalyptic world.  The Snowman wa sonce named Jimmy, and he is the narrator of Oryx and Crake.  Jimmy tells the story of how the world became desolate and his own role in the destruction. The Snowman, now in the new world, has the job of taking care of the crakers (see crakers).  Jimmy believes he is the only one left on the planet because he in fact knows the reason for the end of humanity. 

Crake/Glenn:  Known as Crake throughout the novel; Crake is Jimmy’s best friend when they are living in the compound as teenagers.  Crake is very intelligent and view’s the world through a pessimistic viewpoint.  Crake generally believes that all the attributes of humans are unnecessary, which is why he creates a new species of humans called the Crakers.  In order for the Crakers to thrive, Crake creates a virus that wipes out all of humanity.  Knowing that there must be someone left over to watch and teach the Crakers, Crake makes Jimmy immune to his virus, without Jimmy’s knowledge. 

Oryx:  We first see Oryx when she is very young in a pornographic film.  Jimmy see’s her and the image of her is burned into his memory. Later we learn Oryx’s backstory and that she came from a small village in.  She was sold by her mother and eventually turned into a sex worker.  Oryx is recruited by Crake when they are adults, and she helps him teach the Crakers.  She teaches them while they are still in the compound.  While working with Crake and Jimmy, Oryx begins a love affair with Jimmy.  Jimmy loves her but Crake is also in love with her. 

Crakers:  This is the name of the new beings which Crake creates in order to ‘save humanity’.  Crake designs them without the qualities which he deems to be unnecessary in humans.  These superior humans are designed without the ability to feel jealousy.  This is tied with their mating habits.  Crake gives the females a component which causes them to turn blue in their abdomen areas when they are essentially in heat.  The men will sense this and basically wag their penises at the woman and offer her flowers.  Crake also takes out a component in their brains which would normally allow humans to create a god.