CorpSeCorps:  This company is essentially the overall police force.  They control other companies while also guarding compounds, schools, and areas where unwanted disease and people must be kept out. CorpSeCorps also investigates people who are against the government or against them.  An example of this is when Jimmy’s mother runs away and destroys the computers that hold information about the experiments and science being conducted in the compound.  When she leaves, Jimmy is interviewed by the CorpSeCorps many times.  They wish to receive any information on where she could have gone and who she might be with.

OrganInc Farms: This is the company where Jimmy’s father works. His job title was a geno-grapher, and according to Jimmy, he was one of the best.  “He’d done some of the key studies on mapping the proteonome when he was still a post-grad, and then he’d helped engineer the Methuselah Mouse as part of Operation Immortality” (Atwood 22).  After all of these projects, when he started working for OrganicInc Farms, he became one of the head engineers on the Pigoon project.  The goal for OrganicInc Farm with the Pigoon project was to, “grow an assortment of foolproof human-tissue organs in a transgenic knockout pig host-organs that would transplant smoothly and avoid rejection, but would also be able to fend off attacks by opportunistic microbes and viruses, of which there were more strains every year” (Atwood 22).  While Jimmy’s dad worked at OrganicInc Farms, they perfected a Pigoon that could grow five or six kidneys at a time.  Once the organs were harvested from the Pigoon, it would keep on growing more, instead of dying.  Jimmy compares this to a lobster growing another claw to replace a missing one. A lot of money and investment went into OrganicInc Farms and their projects. (More on Pigoons in the animal profiles). Jimmy’s mother also worked for this company, and her job was to study the proteins of the bioforms unhealthy to pigoons.  She also had to modify the receptors on pigoon cells.  This is how Jimmy’s mother and father met. 

AnooYoo:  This is the company that Jimmy ends up working for after college.  Their goal is to advertise the “benefits” of different body-altering products.  These products are very common in the pre-apocalyptic world.  People are obsessed with looking young and flock to the idea of living forever. With Jimmy’s experience in this type of advertisement, he becomes Crakes’ advertiser for the pill Crake is developing.  Crake wants the pill to be advertised as something that would allow people to live forever through increased sex drives.  This of course is a lie; the pill is really the vector for a disease that kills everyone who takes it.

Key Passages:

“One of their core products, they told him, was the improvement items–not books any more of course, but the DVDs, theCD-ROMs, the Web sites, and so forth . . . mind and body went hand in hand, and Jimmy’s job would be to work on the mind end of things. In other words, the promotionals” (Atwood 245). 

“’What people want is perfection,’ said the man. ‘In themselves.’ ‘But they need the steps to it to be pointed out,’ said the woman. ‘In simple order,’ said the man. ‘With encouragement,’ said the woman. ‘And a positive attitude.’” (Atwood 246). 

“Cosmetic creams, workout equipment, Joltbars to build your muscle-shape into a breathtaking marvel of sculptured granite. Pills to make you fatter, thinner, hairier, balder, whiter, browner, blacker, yellower, sexier, and happier” (Atwood 248).