Our Mission

This website offers an exploration of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy; conceived as a reader guide to the trilogy, this was a semester-long project created by nine English majors for their Literature Practicum course at Wright State University. Within each page of our website you will find diverse and unique approaches toward reading Atwood’s trilogy. Working in three groups of three, each group focused on one of the three novels while collaborating with team members from the other groups. Each group created a soundtrack to accompany the novels, telling the story through music. We thought this was an interesting way to explore literary analysis and narrative, and we felt it would help tie together each section of the website. We highlight below the different components created by each group and we hope you enjoy the rest of the MaddAddam Reader Guide!

Oryx and Crake: Lindsay, Morgan & Sam 

We had the pleasure of working on the first novel, Oryx and Crake (2003). This first book introduces us to the futuristic and post-apocalyptic world of Atwood’s trilogy. As a group, we felt really drawn to exploring the novel’s main characters, who are so important to setting up the rest of the trilogy. Besides character summaries, we played with casting real actors who would be great choices to portray Jimmy, Oryx, and Crake in a filmed version of the novel. We were also interested in questioning various characters’ deaths or endings in the novel. At times we did not agree with how a character died, and were intrigued mostly by Oryx as a character, so we came up with two alternate endings of her storyline. 

The Year of the Flood: Jenaya, Katie & Rhys

We worked on the second book, The Year of the Flood (2009). We decided to explore the nature of narrative and genre by discussing the book in a five episode podcast. We go into more depth about the nature of the podcast under the Year of the Flood tab, but our project is designed to create conversation around major themes that this novel deals with, such as religion and the apocalypse and identity during the apocalypse. Each podcast features a different guest, except for the intro episode. We hope you enjoy our audio journey through The Year of the Flood!

MaddAddam: Bre, Lacey, & Dash

Our part of the website focuses on the third book in the trilogy, MaddAddam (2013). We wanted to focus on exploring key topics discussed in the novel (and the trilogy as a whole), such as religion vs. science, corporations’ roles in global warming, and humans’ roles and responsibilities in relation to the environment. We also wanted to hear what people on campus might think about these topics, so we conducted surveys and interviews with students and professors at Wright State University. We created video interviews, an infographic representing survey answers, and an illustrated storyboard that maps and visualizes important characters and events in the novel. Please enjoy!