The MaddAddam Soundtrack

We chose these songs because we feel they best represent the main themes of the third book of the trilogy, MaddAddam. Themes that we have tried to focus our soundtrack on are survival, rebirth, starting over, and what it means to be human. We have also ordered the songs to reflect the progression of these themes throughout the book. The soundtrack begins with a song that we feel reflects the theme of survival that is present in the end of The Year of the Flood and the beginning of MaddAddam, and ties the two books together: “Natural” by Imagine Dragons. It ends with “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy to reflect the theme of rebirth and starting over that is central to post-apocalyptic narratives.

We also brought in songs that we feel express characters within the book, such as Crake. Throughout the series, Crake has God-like traits because he is the creator of a new species, which is why we chose “One of Us” by Joan Osborne to represent him.

We created this soundtrack to help make the themes of the book more understandable for everyone. Hope you enjoy!