1.Someone, Somewhere – Ben Bruce: We felt this song was very soft and pretty and that it represented Jimmy during the novel while he was traveling. The song shows the meaning of always having something or someone to come home to. Jimmy returns to the compound but still comes home to the Crakers.   

2. Royalty – Conor Maynard: This song is about how a man wants to treat a woman and make her his queen. That is a close representation of how Crake feels about Oryx. 

3. Not Your Barbie Girl – Ava Max: This song is about a woman who is very independent and gives off the vibe that you can’t do anything without her consent. It represents being a free-spirited woman. This is an exact impression of how we envisioned Oryx. 

4. Salvator- Lana Del Rey: The beginning of the song is silent and you can hear birds chirping. We thought this song would represent the time when Jimmy is hallucinating Oryx. If this were a movie, this song would represent that moment. 

5. Pompeii- Bastille: In this particular song, we feel a sense of destruction and the world ending. It is definitely relatable to the novel and illustrates the storyline really well.